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Innocent Passions


Innocent? Or… not?

A former spy takes on the role of the Saint of Seven Dials to hunt down a deadly traitor. He finds himself distracted in his quest by a studious and opinionated young lady, newly arrived in London. Is she the innocent bluestocking she appears, or the very traitor he’s been seeking? And which is in more danger—his heart or his life?

Book 3 of the Saint of Seven Dials Series, also available at all other vendors.

Innocent? Or… not?

After spending the first twenty-one years of her life tucked away in the country, studious Rowena Riverstone can’t wait to experience London for the first time. She especially looks forward to meeting many of the forward-thinking gentlemen whose opinions she has followed in the papers for years. But it is the mysterious and dashing Noel Paxton who stirs her senses, even as she mistrusts his motives in befriending her, a bespectacled bluestocking spinster.

In his quest to expose a dangerous spy and traitor, Noel has taken on the persona of the legendary Saint of Seven Dials. When he meets Miss Riverstone, he is first distracted, then fascinated, for she is clearly more than she appears on the surface—but what? Merely a highly educated—and opinionated—innocent, or the very traitor he seeks? Finding out promises to be both dangerous and delicious. But will his heart be at even greater risk than his life?

Praise for Innocent Passions

“Wickedly amusing Regency fun!” ~Mary Jo Putney

“I’m truly enjoying this series. Every time I finish a book, I cannot wait to start the next!” ~Amazon reader

“…truly I can’t get enough of these wonderful characters. The men are…..sigh… worth reading about. The women are strong and intelligent. You’ll find no simpering ninnies here. I do believe Noel Paxton was the most dashing of the three leading men yet! Now on to the 4th and final book!” ~Amazon reader

“This series is one of my go to…for fun…exciting…and romantic stories. I was not let down” ~Goodreads reader


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