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To prevent an escaped murderous tyrant from wreaking havoc on her people, young Sovereign Emileia must immerse herself in his twisted mind…but can she deal with the consequences? 

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A harrowing choice 

 When the vicious tyrant who killed her family escapes from a Martian prison, young Sovereign Emileia must delve into his twisted mind to stop him from wreaking havoc on her people. But is she strong enough to resist the pull of the dark side? 

Young Sovereign Emileia is increasingly overwhelmed by mounting pressures and responsibilities both on Earth and Mars. On her 17th birthday, she gets a double dose of bad news. Her Regent on Mars has suffered an unexpected complication during what should have been a routine procedure. Then, before she can even blow out her birthday candles, she learns that Faxon, the murderous ex-dictator who killed her family, has escaped from a Martian prison and has yet to be found. Coincidence? Almost certainly not! Though she’s currently millions of miles away on Earth, the Sovereign, known to her friends as M, is determined to do something to help her people on Mars…especially when Faxon starts making threats and wreaking havoc. She comes up with a plan to stop him and feels obligated to carry it through despite dire warnings from her soulmate Rigel and her best friends. 

The much-anticipated continuation of the electrifying Starstruck series, where teen romance blends with science fiction to open a whole new world of action, adventure and discovery!

1 review for Mindbound

  1. Melody

    It was fascinating to see how Faxon worked his way into power. How his paranoia developed was unsettling. I do wonder if Rigel’s temper was all his or was part of his link with M.

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