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Scandalous Virtue


First impressions can be most deceiving!

An overprotected widow ready to kick up her heels meets a notorious rake trying to reform. Each sees the other as a shortcut to change . . . until the sparks fly!

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First impressions can be most deceiving!

Under the tutelage of her strict father, then that of an equally strict husband twice her age, Nessa, Lady Haughton, has been trained all her life to be a model of English propriety and virtue. But beneath the inexperienced young widow’s oh-so-prim exterior, she craves a taste of the wickedness she has always been denied. Now that she is finally free, she intends to satisfy that craving!

Notorious rakehell and war hero Jack Ashecroft finds himself unexpectedly elevated to Marquis of Foxhaven. But to claim the fortune that goes with the title, Jack must renounce his wild ways and establish himself as a respectable member of Society. The surest, quickest path, he is certain, will be to find and wed a woman beyond reproach—if one will have him.

When Jack and Nessa meet, each thinks the other is exactly the ticket to the changes they are seeking. Sparks will fly when they discover each other’s true goals—especially if it’s already too late to turn back!

An engaging prequel to the Saint of Seven Dials series.

Praise for Scandalous Virtue:

“Brenda Hiatt handles the story beautifully: it is fast, witty and fun.” ~Publishers Weekly

“Witty and sensual, an easy, enjoyable writing style that makes for the best kind of reading.” ~The “M” Word Book Reviews

“A real gem, as witty and clever as any traditional Regency in which two intriguing characters square off in a mutual marriage of convenience.” ~RT Book Reviews

DELIGHTFUL HISTORICAL ROMANCE!! Scandalous Virtue was a delightful well written Historical Romance. The story is believable mild sensuality and creative enjoyable characters. The story is well crafted with a cast of enjoyable supporting characters. The story moves along at a good pace and is never boring. There’s a few action scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat. I really enjoyed Scandalous Virtue and I Highly Recommend You Read It.” ~Edwina, Amazon reader

“Loved it Great book with lots of beautifully developed characters. Romance with twists and turns. A real page turner. Truly enjoyable. Time worthy & quick read.” ~Kathleen, Goodreads reader

“This was my first venture in the genre of historical romance, and I can positively say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every aspect of Brenda Hiatt’s novel was amazingly charming: the characters, the plot, the dialogue, and definitely the chemistry between the two lead characters. There are so many good moments in this book that put me through such a range of emotions. One specific scene is stuck in my mind as one of the best and most amusing scenes I’ve read in a long time. Hiatt does a wonderful job with her description and historical relevance. I am a newfound fan of Brenda Hiatt and the genre in which she writes. I will definitely be reading more of her work and I encourage everyone else to do the same, starting with this book.” ~Jamee, Goodreads reader

“Fascinating Historical Romance set in England. This Historical Romance Is a well-written story set in England in Napoleon’s time. …roller coaster of events that they have to overcome to create a different kind of relationship than either expect. A good read.” ~Jenny, Amazon reader

“Scandalous Virture is a Fantastic Read! Brenda Hiatt has written a story with a magnificent cast of characters with such depth and individuality that they come off the pages and will pull you into their tale. From the first page and throughout I was totally swept away…Fast and witty, is never boring with mild sensuality just right for those who want a bit of spice in their reading. Once I started reading I could not put this book down until the very end!” Cindy, Goodreads reader


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