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The Girl from Mars


The much-anticipated continuation of the electrifying Starstruck series! Will life on Earth be the nightmare Kira anticipates? Or will she discover a future there beyond anything she can imagine?

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We’re going where??

Kira’s life in Nuath is getting better and better. She’s a rising star on a prestigious sports team and the guy she’s been crushing on has just started to notice her. When her parents announce they’re all moving to technologically backward Earth for the good of their underground Martian colony, Kira is aghast—and furious. The last thing she wants to do is leave Mars to “blend in” with inferior Terrans. Worse, once she’ll be expected to make nice with the new Sovereign, a girl no more fit to rule their people than Kira herself. When Kira is offered a chance to undermine Sovereign Emileia, she leaps at it.

During the past year, the life Sean O’Gara eagerly anticipated has crashed and burned. He was excited to move to Jewel, Indiana. Excited to take his place as the destined Royal Consort of Princess Emileia, a girl he’d fantasized about for years. But nothing turned out the way he expected. Emileia already had a boyfriend and no matter how hard he tries, Sean can’t deny those two share a special bond—a bond that benefits their people. A bond he can’t share. Sean’s once-bright dreams turn to dust, leaving him nothing to hope for…until a new girl from Mars comes to town.

To Kira, Sean represents everything she’s always resented about the ruling class—even if he is awfully cute. And the more Sean learns about Kira’s political views, the more he suspects she’s a threat to their people—no matter how strongly he’s attracted to her. Are their differences too great to overcome, or can they transcend them to discover a future beyond anything either imagined?

The much-anticipated continuation of the electrifying Starstruck series!


What readers are saying:

"The girl from mars was amazing and so good I read it all within 24hrs of starting it! As all the books in the series I wasn't able to put it down! As always Brenda did NOT disappoint and kept me wanting more!"

– Goodreads reviewer

"I was so glad to read this next book in the series. Coming from Kira’s perspective as one who has lived her entire life on Mars and now has to move to Earth was a fun contrast to the previous books in the series. Now, in addition to the language that Ms. Hiatt has created for the people of the Mars colony, she has added a sport that doesn’t exist here on earth. I love her imagination and the way she makes Science Fiction feel so possible and real."

– Amazon reviewer


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