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Bridge Over Time


A switch in time!

An independent modern woman mysteriously trades places with a near identical ancestress in 1825. Each is desperate to get back to her own time until she falls in love with the very man her counterpart most wanted to avoid. Is this destiny, or simply a cruel trick of fate?

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Kathryn Monroe, busy activist and socialite, humors her mother by agreeing to attend her costume ball at the ancestral mansion in South Carolina. What she doesn’t admit, even to herself, is that she actually looks forward to a break from the frenetic pace of her increasingly shallow lifestyle. She gets much more of a break than she anticipated when she passes the grandfather clock on the landing, on her way downstairs to the party, only to be transported to 1825, where she is mistaken for the girl who would become her great-great-great-great-great grandmother! Even more shocking, she finds herself falling for a man her counterpart despised.

Catherine Prescott feels increasingly trapped as her parents try to push her into an unwanted marriage and pile restriction after restriction upon her activities in their efforts to turn her into a proper young lady. But on her way downstairs to an important social function, she passes the grandfather clock on the landing and discovers herself in the twenty-first century, where it appears everything she ever dreamed of–and more–has come true. To make this amazing new world even sweeter, she seems to have found her soulmate in a man her identical descendant never cared for.

But will capricious Fate allow each to find happiness in another time?

What Readers Are Saying:

This story was refreshing and brilliantly told by a talented author. It kept me reading with rapt attention.”   –Amazon Reviewer

Outlander Meets Freaky Friday.  Whew! Ms. Hiatt made me work to see my happily ever afters. But it was worth it.”  –Amazon Reviewer

Favorite bookI am not a fast or avid reader, but this book I couldn’t put down, I wanted to just keep reading. It’s a great story. I think it should be a movie too.”  –Amazon Reviewer

This book was amazing! The plot was very imaginative and the writing smooth and creative. I could not help but fall in love with the characters and root for their happiness. I really enjoyed all the details in this book – both, from the past and from the future. This was such a page turner that kept my attention and did not want to let go for a while after I was done reading. Loved it!”  –Amazon Reviewer

Great funThose who enjoy time travel novels will be well pleased with Brenda Hiatt’s Bridge Over Time.” –Amazon Reviewer

Great book, you can’t go wrong with anything written by Brenda Hiatt.  I love Brenda Hiatt! Her writing is awesome! She is one of my favorite writers! So glad I discovered her!  –Amazon Reviewer

Wonderfully written – very imaginative, with really believable characters.  One of the best time travel books you will ever read!”  –Amazon Reviewer

This book was well thought out and written, I applaud the author for this amazing story! The storyline was captivating and the elaborate details of this tale flowed so well…as a reader that makes for a wonderful read!”  –Goodreads Reviewer

A Few Comments From Reviewers

“This is one of the best time travel romances that has been written in ages.” ~Affaire de Coeur magazine

“The only disappointment is when it ends — you wish it could have gone on longer—this book cries for a sequel!” ~GEnie RomEx reviews

“Twice the Brenda Hiatt adventure, twice the fun, and twice the romance.” ~NW Houston Galley


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